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Nemesis “Next case…” “People vs. Miles Carnaghan.” “Bradley…

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“Next case…”
“People vs. Miles Carnaghan.”
“Bradley Feldman for the defense, Your Honor.”
“How do you plead?”
“Not guilty, Your Honor.”
“Your Honor, the People request remand. The defendant is charged with four counts of first-degree murder, two of the victims were children, and all of the victims were spectacularly mangled. We feel he is a threat to the community and should not be returned to the general populace.”
“Your Honor, my client is a well-respected member of the community, pastor of a thriving church. He is no flight-risk, he has never even left the country.”
“Which doesn’t mean he won’t choose now to visit Austria and vanish. Your Honor, the gruesome nature of this crime makes the defendant an ideal candidate for flight. He has a valid passport and enough money in his bank account to make the run and he has contact with ministers of his denomination in a number of foreign countries. Your Honor...”
“Thank you, the People have made their case. The defendant is remanded.”

“You didn’t have to do that”
“Sure I did, Brad. He murdered four people, two women and their children, because they weren’t a traditional nuclear family. He has to spend a very long time down a very dark hole.”
“He’s a respected pastor, why would he suddenly decide to go out and murder lesbians?”
“Ask him, counselor, I’m sure I don’t know.”
“We’re going to win this. He’s a good man and he’s going to prove to the jury that he didn’t kill those women or their daughters.”
“You’re going to try. Your client killed four innocents and he’s going to pay for it.”

“Miles Carnaghan is a respected pastor in a well-established midtown church. He pays his taxes, helps the homeless, and returns his library books on time. He looks like the portrait of an upstanding citizen of the state of Illinois. You have heard testimony from his wife and his congregants, his college roommate and his sixteen year old son, all reiterating what a great guy he is. But, he’s not a great guy.
You have heard nothing that counters the fact that he callously murdered a lesbian couple and their six and ten year old daughters.
Marisa Parks and Stephanie Edgemont were out for a walk in the park, watching Leslie and Sarah play with a puppy and enjoying the sun. They were walking hand in hand, because they loved each other, and they ran into an older man. Witnesses have described the man and he is Miles Carnaghan. They spoke for ten minutes or so, and then Marisa and Stephanie called their daughters and all five of them walked away. Six hours later, the severely mutilated bodies of Marisa, Leslie, and Sarah were found in a copse a twenty minute walk from where they were last seen. Each of them had been hit on the back of the head and then stabbed repeatedly in the abdomen and each had had a word etched on her chest, reading “Thou Shalt Not” Stephanie Edgemont was there as well, barely alive. She woke up before the killer got to her and screamed, scaring him away. She died on the way to the hospital, but not before she said “Why would he do this? How could God want my daughters to die like that?”
Miles Carnaghan missed all of his afternoon appointments that day. His secretary says he never called in, though that was extremely out of character, and that he spent the next three days with his right arm in a sling, claiming he pulled a muscle lifting weights. His wife testified that the defendant had been lifting weights since before they met in college and had never hurt himself before. Besides, she says he wasn’t home that day, not until after dinnertime, and he was already injured when he got home, from the force required to knock out and stab four people.
Rev. Carnaghan preached on numerous occasions that homosexuality is a sin, one that cannot be allowed to continue for the good of the people. He doesn’t deny that he was in the park that day, or that he spoke to a pair of women; his fingerprints were found on Marisa’s hand and Leslie’s cheek, but he claimed, when interviewed by the police, that he had never seen Marisa and Stephanie before. He didn’t want to be implicated in what was clearly a hate crime that he had sufficient motive to commit.
Miles Carnaghan murdered two women and their little girls because he didn’t like who they chose to love. Do not send the message that it’s all right for anyone to dictate who you love.”

“Has the jury reached a verdict?”
“We have, Your Honor.”
“What say you?”
“On the counts of murder in the first-degree, we find the defendant guilty.”
“Thank you for your service, you are dismissed.”

The ADA walks back to her office and sits behind her desk, looking at the picture of the slain family. “It’s not really justice, but we got him.” She stands and shuts the door, which reads Nemesis Rache
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