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Orpheus and Eurydice, the Wedding

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A couple, standing hand in hand on a cliff, surrounded by a ring of people. A warm spring day, blessed with clear skies and a soft breeze that ruffles the edges of the woman’s dress. The sea, singing softly, no crashing waves, but gentle ripples that throw glittering reflections along the cliff face. Verdant grass, thick as a polar bear’s fur under the bare feet of the circle.
She wears a long casual sweep of lavender silk that clings to her body and then loosens to eddy around her feet. He wears a black jacket and jeans. They don’t need to be formal to indicate their purpose. In the crowd, attire varies from a full scarlet velvet masquerade gown (one of his aunts) to a sports bra and sweat pants (also, one of his aunts).
At a signal from his mother, he raises her hands to his lips, then turns to the beautiful blonde woman behind him and takes a wreath of crimson roses to place on his beloved’s head.
“I to you, you to me. Take of me my love, freely offered and freely accepted. Live with me and walk by my side, hands clasped, neither before the other. We are one by choice and our thoughts are free.”
She smiles and turns to the dark-haired woman behind her. She places a crown of white lilies on his head and takes his hands again.
“We are our own unique beings and we choose to live our lives together. I stand by your side and you stand by mine. There are no assumptions nor expectations only the conversation and congress of equals. We are one by choice and our thoughts are free.”
They kiss gently and tenderly until the blonde woman laughs and pushes them into a tighter passionate embrace. The crowd laughs and cheers and the circle dissolves into a mass of people congratulating the bride and groom. They are perfectly happy in this moment and it is impossible to think that there will ever be anything but joy for Orpheus and Eurydice.
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cold cold
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Magic in the Stars-Disneyland
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